Chenoa Township Cemetery

Chenoa is very proud of the Chenoa Township Cemetery located on Route 24, east of town. The local real estate taxes support the maintenance for the cemetery. Currently, Travis Taylor has the contract for the cemetery upkeep.

The custom has been to do a thorough clean up during the first week of April and October of each year. if you desire to remove flowers or decorations, you need to do so before our Spring and Fall dates. To purchase lots, please contact:

Dale Kridner | (309) 826-2241 | (815) 945-7398

Pike Township Cemetery


Pike Township Cemetery was founded on April 12, 1887 and is located in Section 16 in Pike Township, Livingston County, 4 miles south of Graymont, Illinois. Founding officers were Green Tacey, Chairman; J.H. Beeks, Secretary; and Joe Unzicker, Treasurer. The records show that a 16X32 foot lot sold for $10.00. Two burials were at the cemetery before 1887, Mrs. Klein and Mrs. Gentes.

The cemetery is well maintained and many of the older stones have been repaired. In 2004, an addition was added on the north side of the cemetery. It was donated by the Uphoff family. The lot size now is a burial site and taxpayers of Pike Township can buy at a reduced rate.