227 North First Avenue | Chenoa, IL 61726 | Phone: (815) 945-4555

Matthew T. Scott made his fortune on the Grand Prairie of Central Illinois in the 19th century by developing thousands of acres of farmland. He founded the town of Chenoa in 1855 as an agricultural and commercial center for his business activities. Although Scott bought and sold over 45,000 acres of Illinois farm land, the development of his personal holdings of 5,000 acres in McLean and Livingston Counties was his main interest.

Founder Matthew T. Scott and his wife Julia Green once lived in the house. It was built in two parts. The first section of the house was built in 1855 in a form known informally as a Kentucky Cat Slide and is the caretakers living quarters. The second section of the house, the front section was built in 1863 in the form known as Georgian. The house features 3 period rooms, a Daughters of the American Revolution Room, and a Chenoa Room. The house is significant as an example of a home from this time period.

The house was often visited by Adlai Ewing Stevenson and his cousin James Stevenson Ewing, U.S. minister to Belgium. Adlai Stevenson courted Letitia Green, who was Matthew T Scott’s sister-in-law. The couple were later married in the house in 1866. Stevenson and Green later had their first child, Lewis Green Stevenson, in the house in 1868.

The house was later bought and restored by Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson Ives, a great niece of Matthew T. Scott. The house was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on February 10, 1983