Important Information about Your Drinking Water (Lead Informational Notice)

Lead Informational Notice

Please download and read this important information.

Lead Information Notice

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT LEAD IN YOUR DRINKING WATER City of Chenoa found high levels of lead in drinking water in some homes. Lead can cause serious health problems. For more information, please call City Hall at 815-945-7619

Boil Water Order Guideline

A boil water order is a result of flooding (or other natural disaster), broken water lines, or pumping difficulties. When this happens, there is contaminated water which can cause many illnesses.

What do you do next? Boil water? Yes…but there are some specifics about handling water and other water products in your home.

The McLean County Health Department and the Illinois Department of Health have provided residents a guideline in the event their town is under a boil order. To ensure the safety of you and your family from contaminated water, you should take the time and read the bulletin below.

Illinois Department of Health
Bulletin/Food #39


During a boil order, can I use my tap water for ….

Can I wash my hands using tap water?
It is recommended you wash your hands using soap and either bottled water or pre-bottled water. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer may also be used.

Can my family take showers or baths using tap water?
The risk of bathing or showering in tap water is uncertain and so should be avoided, particularily by people with open wounds or who are immunocompromised. For those people who choose to shower or bathe in the tap water, minimize the time spent in the water and be sure to keep your eyes and mouths closed. Babies and young children should not bathe or shower in tap water because they often swallow some water accidently.

Can I wash dishes using tap water?
No, it is recommended you wash your dishes using soap and either bottled water or pre-bottled water (or an automatic dishwasher).

Current Boil Order Status

Normal Water Conditions