Water bills are sent out the 5th of every month and are due on or before the 25th. Payments can be made either by mail (PO Box 122, Chenoa, IL 61726), at the office or placed in the drop box located on the corner of the City Hall building. Payments are also accepted at the State Bank of Graymont.

(An original copy can be obtained by request at City Hall)

What is a “Boil Order”

A boil water order is a result of flooding (or other natural disaster), broken water lines, or pumping difficulties. When this happens, there is contaminated water which can cause many illnesses.What do you do next? Boil water? Yes…but there are some specifics about handling water and other water products in your home. Go to the “Water Boil Order Guideline” link under Public Safety of this site to aware of preparations in the event a boil order goes in effect.

Refuse and Recycling

Garbage is picked up on Mondays for all residents. The refuse company do not pick up garbage on these holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Due to animals getting into the trash, all trash must be placed in a container, preferably with a locked lid. Any trash left outside its proper container will not be picked up. Containers can be put out no earlier than 24 hours prior to pick-up. Garbage is to be placed within 2 feet of the road and containers must be removed from roadside within 24 hours after pick-up.

The following items are NOT allowed to be placed in trash: animal carcasses, yard waste, major appliances, scrap metal, tires and used motor oil. Yard waste will be picked up when the collectors have time. Contact City Hall at (815) 945-7619 for any scrap metal or appliance pick-ups.

The city currently offers a container in the vacant lot on the east side of Green Street to recycle newsprints only.

A dumpster for aluminum cans is provided by the Chenoa Women’s Club and only cans will be accepted. The proceeds from this collection are used by the club for civic projects. The dumpster is located downtown next to the city’s paper recycling dumpster.

The city has provided a list to help you understand what is considered “single-stream” recycling. Single-stream recycling refers to a system in which all paper fibers, plastics, metals, and other containers are mixed in. Click here to learn more about this method.

Lead Exposure in Tap Water

Lead can be harmful to your health, but just how harmful depends on how much lead gets into your body, your health, and where the lead is stored in your body. This pamphlet will help you identify the health effects with lead and offers precautions in reducing lead exposure with your tap water.

Grass and Yard Waste Pickup

The burning of leaves and yard waste is strictly prohibited. To facilitate a quick pick removal of leaf piles and yard waste, the following guidelines are in place: Yard waste does not include twigs, branches or logs.

  • Leaves and yard waste must be raked into pile and placed along the curb line or shoulder, not in the street. Leaf piles left standing on roadways will lead to flooding during rain. Ideally, leaf piles should be placed in windrows.
  • Please do not place leaf piles near or around vehicles and other obstacles as he machine is difficult to operate around these.items. The vaccum unit may deposit leaf debris on vehicles parked near a leaf pile.
  • Piles must be free of limbs, garbage or other maaterial.
  • Spring cleaning usually takes place in late March through April.
  • Fall collection usually takes place in late October through November. “Leaf Pickup” days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. To maintain a nice neighborhood, please leave your fallen leaves along the side of the road, not ON the road.

For more information regarding this ordinance, please read Ordinance 658.

Disposal of Electronics

The city now has a container in which electronics can be delivered to be recycled. By law, the refuse company cannot pick up any electronics listed on page 9 of ATR’s information packet which can be seen here. The city is currently working with ATR of Pontiac to help dispose of electronic items for the community.

Your disposable electronics can be brought to City Hall, Monday through Friday, from 8am-5pm. Please do not leave your disposable electronics, contact the office first.